Date.prototype.toISOString and Invalid Date

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Wed Jun 10 08:48:03 PDT 2009

I believe that support for ISO dates in ES5 is intended to provide a standard interchange format for dates, not for providing a locale customized format for human consumption.  Since ISO 8601 apparently doesn't provide an encoding for "invalid date/time", arguably new Date(NaN).toISOString() should never be passed to someone expecting a valid ISO date. If that is true, then be best thing to do may be to specify that toISOString throws a RangeError when applied to such Date objects.


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>> I don't feel strongly on this, but it does strike me as odd that
>> a function intended to avoid culturally-sensitive output would use
>> an English phrase.  I'd lean towards IE/Opera, using notation from
>> ECMAScript that is equally cryptic to all cultures :-)  At least that
>> would be consistent with Number.toString() and would reinforce the
>> that there are other methods to produce strings in the user's locale.
>In fact, "NaN" is an abbreviation of an English phrase, namely "not
>a number".  But neither dates nor date strings are numbers.  What say
>you to "NaD"?
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