Hopefully last word on Use Strict Directive syntax

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Tue Jun 9 16:39:32 PDT 2009

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>>>> If you get into the habit of
>>>> omitting semicolons, you can also run into trouble with things that
>>>> look like they're strict but are not:
>>>> function f(x) {
>>>>  "use strict"
>>>>  +x ? delete p : delete q;
>>>> }
>> This hazard, OTOH, can't be fixed, because the "use strict" is not a
>> directive in this case, and you would have to know that it is a
>> directive before you could require a semicolon after it.
> This seems like a strong argument for not trying to forbid semicolon
> insertion in the Directive Prologue. 

Well, it is an argument for not making the directive prologue a special
case. (I have previously argued for strict mode to forbid syntactic
semicolon semicolon insertion entirely, but Brendan was opposed, and
that argument has been lost for ES5.)

A linter could use the heuristic that the '+' is not indented relative
to the '"' to infer that a semicolon was probably intended.

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