Pseudo-JSON with unquoted property names

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Jun 5 20:15:08 PDT 2009

You already know I agree. Native JSON is a chance to "get it right".  
The horses that will go to water and actually drink will change any  
unquoted property identifiers. Other horses won't follow the way to  
water at all, or won't drink, no matter what we do.

But if we tolerate unquoted property names, we'll actually see more of  
them than otherwise, and we'll never be rid of them in JSON. And they  
will cause problems with downrev browsers due to reserved identifiers.


On Jun 5, 2009, at 7:29 PM, Douglas Crockford wrote:

>> Do Doug and Mark share your risk-of-perpetuating-eval
>> analysis?
> Stick with the grammar. Tolerance of sloppy encoding will ultimately  
> make interoperability more difficult.

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