Pseudo-JSON with unquoted property names

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jun 5 19:08:40 PDT 2009

Robert Sayre scripsit:

> Allowing unquoted names would result in documents that break many
> implementations on 

They are not allowed in the sense that they are generated, only in
the sense that they are accepted.  Whether they *should* be accepted
is another thing.

> some other langauages, but don't allow unquoted names. A more liberal
> "parseObjectLiteral" capability might be nice for a future standard.
> This would even break Firefox 3's JSON functionality (used internally
> and available to extensions).

Which functionality, the parser or the generator?

No,  John.  I want formats that are actually       John Cowan
useful, rather than over-featured megaliths that
address all questions by piling on ridiculous      cowan at
internal links in forms which are hideously
over-complex. --Simon St. Laurent on xml-dev

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