Pseudo-JSON with unquoted property names

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jun 5 17:16:18 PDT 2009


> That was, indeed, the original force of Postel's Law.

Here's the original text from RFC 760, section 3.2 (January 1980):

  The implementation of a protocol must be robust.  Each implementation
  must expect to interoperate with others created by different
  individuals.  While the goal of this specification is to be explicit
  about the protocol there is the possibility of differing
  interpretations.  In general, an implementation should be conservative
  in its sending behavior, and liberal in its receiving behavior.  That
  is, it should be careful to send well-formed datagrams, but should
  accept any datagram that it can interpret (e.g., not object to
  _technical_ errors where the meaning is still clear).

Emphasis added by me.

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