Pseudo-JSON with unquoted property names

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jun 5 13:57:58 PDT 2009

Matthew Miller scripsit:

> var memberName = "foo";
> var anObject = { memberName: "test" };
> Now what should evaluate to? Will it be obvious to most
> coders? This confusion will not occur if you do not allow unquoted
> names. (IE6, IE8, FF3 all report it as undefined, btw)

So they should:  { "memberName": "test" } and { memberName: "test" } mean
exactly the same thing.  However, { "class": "sophomore" } is valid ES3,
whereas { class: "sophomore" } is not.  Hence the JSON rule is "Quote
all names".

> The app I work on for my employer has a lot of JSON with unquoted
> names that gets sent from the server for AJAX calls. I don't think
> there would be any uprising over having to go back and quote the
> names. That is not a major undertaking for our app at least.

That's good.

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