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As far as I know there are no current plans within the committee to do this work.  It would be nice if somebody wanted to do so.

Because of recent changes in the ECMA copyright policy, you probably would need to get explicit permission from the ECMA secretary general.  However, this sounds like the sort of think that ECMA would want to encourage.  If starting from the MS Word file would be easier than the PDF you could also ask for access to that.

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Are there any plans by committee to publish html-based version of specs?

The benefits of doing so, as I see it, are:

  a) It would be very convenient to be able to link to particular sections.
  b) html-based version would be accessible to users without pdf-reading software.

If there are no such plans, would it be legal for an individual to host unofficial version on a personal website (similar to what Bob Clary have done with 3rd edition -

Thank you.

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