Migrating es-discuss

Yulia Startsev yulia at mozilla.com
Tue Mar 30 14:16:55 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

We were informed last year that Mozilla would be sunsetting it's mailing
list server at some point in the future. We were not sure of the exact
date, but to account for this, the TC39 chairs created
https://es.discourse.group. Quite a bit of discussion has migrated there,
but there is still some activity here. However, the long awaited shutdown
of the mailing list server has come.

I was informed late last week that, at long last, Mozilla will be closing
down its mailing list server and migrating it's own discussion forums to
discourse. The time has finally come for us to make the final leap and
start using es.discourse.group exclusively. If you are new to discourse,
once you sign up you can configure it to act like a mailing list through
it's "mailing list mode" under Preferences > Emails > Mailing list mode

This mailing list will be archived and shut down on April 3rd. Please
migrate any ongoing discussions.

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