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Tue Aug 18 06:37:06 UTC 2020

Sorry, I should be a few more explicit about the needs, I'll try to fix it.
(Sorry If my english isn't perfect, it isn't my native language)

Ihmo, the developers needs a strong/robust/uniform way to describe their
code, using static types comments and how they are using the language
features, enven why they are used for (IDE's autocomplete, doc generation,
AST, subsets compilation, bundling, ...).

Actually, there is a lot of things that requires some **tricks** from
several **external** sources (TS, JSDoc, Clojure, Flow, ...) to
nevertheless cover 100% on our code, like `@async`, the `|` VS `&`, the
`{this}` without classes, the spreading, the `Symbol` references, a lot of
things resolved by the `@template` which doesn't exist in JSDoc, ... where
some of the **missing features** are standardized **since 2011**, it sounds
just crazy!

The real question is: why, when a new language feature is released, the
developers need to wait to describe their uses, depending on an ever
growing collection of external wills to learn?

If I'm asking that to the TC39, it's because:

   - they strongly discuss a lot of point of views about every language
   features, then they are the most initiated people to define how to describe
   - that committee must exist as long as the JS exists, then no risk to
   have an abandoned spec
   - that committee controls the releases flow, it can control the features
   comment descriptions to be released at the same time
   - ...

Who is better placed to offer the same guarantees?

The community, like actually? I don't think so, it's why we don't have an
unique uptodate solution to rely on it.

But I'm not detracting the community efforts however, it tries to fill the
pending gap until today and can be empowered by a real standardization to
improve/create a lot of amazing tools (IDE's autocomplete, doc generation,
AST, subsets compilation, bundling, ...) on a spec which covers 100% of the
language features usages.

Michaël Rouges - - @Lcfvs
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