Why globalThis instead of something intuitive like globalObject, systemGlobal, or globalEntity?

Isiah Meadows isiahmeadows at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 04:05:20 UTC 2019

If you look in the proposal's repo, they explain the rationale behind the

Here's a short summary: `globalThis` is the same value you get from
evaluating `this` in the global scope of a sloppy mode script. This is
subtly different than a "global object", which JS has no concept of.
There's other nuances involved, too.

Concretely, for one example, `globalObject` was explicitly rejected because
in HTML, the global `this` is a proxy of `window`, not the `window` object
itself. The `window` proxy delegates all operations to the current global
`window`, as you might expect. But here's where things get interesting:
during navigation, the window changes, yet the global `this` does not, so
if you define a property, capture the global `this`, and navigate, the
property you just defined will disappear, but the global `this` you
captured still has the same identity as the new reference.

This file in particular explains the naming side of it in detail:
https://github.com/tc39/proposal-global/blob/master/NAMING.md It covers the
other suggested names here indirectly.

And do keep in mind much of TC39's members are non-native speakers
themselves, including one of the proposal's biggest champions/fans,
Matthias. So it's not like that concern goes unnoticed - if anything, it
gets accounted for without them even thinking about it. It might also
explain why it's `array.entries()`, `map.entries()`, and similar when the
more proper English name would've been `array.pairs()`, `map.pairs()`, and
so on: entries are really what values from `value[Symbol.iterator]()`
represent, and non-native speakers sometimes misuse "entries" as if it were
synonymous with "pairs". Contrast this with Underscore's `_.pairs`, named
by a native English speaker back in 2012, long before ES6 was a thing, and
it stood as precedent for having `coll.entries()` for various collections.

On Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 14:12 #!/JoePea <joe at trusktr.io> wrote:

> I know it may be too late for this, but I imagine `globalThis` can bring
> confusion to beginners, especially ESL beginners.
> Things like `globalObject`, `systemGlobal`, or `globalEntity` would've
> been more intuitive; they make sense in plain English.
> Well anyways, have a good weekend!
> - Joe
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