Proposal: Discarding specific element when importing/re-exporting module

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# Proposal: `except` clause in ModuleItem

Inspired by [Haskell’s import statement]( <>)

## Concept Introduction

Let’s say we have module A:

// A.js
export const zero = 0;
export const one = 1;
export const two = 2;
export const three = 3;
export const four = 4;
// … 
export const ten = 10;

A has so many exported values.
Now Let’s say we want to re-export numbers between 0 to 9 in module B.

// B.js
export { zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine } from ‘./A.js’;

Hmmm, This is too long to see, isn’t it?
How can we reduce this long, long export declaration?
“Exporting numbers between 0 to 9 in module B” is same statement as “Exporting everything except ten from module B”.
So, what if we can rewrite export declaration above like this?:

export * except { ten } from ‘./A.js’;

This would be not only simpler way but also shorter way.

## Uses cases

When dealing with module that has too many exports to explicitly specify.
I.e when using Util libraries or functional programming libraries like ramda, lodash, fp-ts and etc.

## Non-Formal shapes

Import * except { elements… } from ‘module’;

Export * except { elements… } from ‘module’;

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