Proposal: `await.all {...}` for parallelism

manuelbarzi manuelbarzi at
Tue Nov 26 13:35:04 UTC 2019

> Why not just maximally preserve current JavaScript for parallel execution,
> just by omitting `await` in multiple async calls, simply wrapping it in an
> `await.all` block to ensure completion before code continues past the
> block. This surely is the more straightforward way to satisfy the same
> goals?

because wrapping it an `await.all` on the one hand explicitly groups
promises, but brings complexity on returning values assignment, specially
when is about constants (`const`). so, if you avoid blocks, just marking
parallel awaits with, for example, a suffix `await||`, or whatever other
more convenient way, you can just write the code in series as normally, and
avoid that complexity. the transpiler would just require to group the
consecutive marked parallel awaits (`await||`) into a Promise.all() and
that's it. following i reproduce the demo before:

// NOTE p? = function call that returns a promise (? = just and index)
// NOTE s? = function call that runs synchronously and returns a value
(? = just and index)

const x0 = await p0()

const x11 = s11() // sync code in-the-middle

const x1 = await || p1(x0)
const x3 = await || p3(x11)
const x2 = await p2(x1)
const x10 = await p10(x2, x3)

const x12 = s12() // sync code in-the-middle

const x4 = await || p4(x1, x2)
const x5 = await || p5(x2, x3, x12)
const x6 = await p6(x4, x5, x10)

const x7 = await || p7(x4, x6)
const x9 = await || p9(x5, x6)
const x8 = await p8(x6, x7)

await p11(x8, x9)

// it would resolve a tree of parallel and series like following with
traditional promises

    .then(x0 => {
        const x11 = f11()

        return Promise.all([p1(x0), p3(x11)])
            .then((x1, x3) =>
                    .then(x2 =>
                        p10(x2, x3)
                            .then(x10 => {
                                const x12 = s12()

                                return Promise.all([p4(x1, x2), p5(x2, x3,
                                    .then((x4, x5) =>
                                        p6(x4, x5, x10)
                                            .then(x6 => Promise.all([p7(x4,
x6), p9(x5, x6)])
                                                .then((x7, x9) => p8(x6, x7)
                                                    .then(x8 => p11(x8, x9))
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