Optional Curly Braces in JavaScript

kdex kdex at kdex.de
Sun Nov 3 21:10:23 UTC 2019

@Bergi: Thanks. This is true only as long as the semantics of significant-
whitespace blocks are supposed to stay exactly the same as the semantics of 
braced blocks. If this proposal is purely syntactical, you are right, but 
then, I would fail to see the point of this endeavor.

@Ed: Maybe there's a specific use case I'm missing. What were you working on 
when you got the idea, and how could this feature have benefited you in solving 
your problem?

On Sunday, November 3, 2019 9:47:19 PM CET Bergi wrote:
> Hi!
> > Note that significant whitespace greatly minimizes the yields of
> > minification
> Why would it? Nothing would prevent a minifier from changing significant
> whitespace into braced blocks - just like today, they omit semicolons
> where possible and remove braces around single-statement blocks.
> kind regards,
>  Bergi
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