Optional Curly Braces in JavaScript

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Why you don't *want* to? I didn't force you to like my proposal. I am just posting my ideas for feedback, not see who wants and doesn't want to like it.
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Hi Ed!

> Update to the proposal:
> Since we can't make spaces in JavaScript, the best we can do is use '_' instead.

You misunderstood. We *could* make use of significant whitespace in
JavaScript (enabled by the `:` instead of a brace after a statement) -
we just don't *want* to.

That said, `_` is not a workable solution - apart from _ (and any
repetitions of it) being a valid identifier already, *chaining* it like
you described doesn't work with nested blocks:
for (const x of [1,2,3])
_ if (x % 2)
  _ console.log('odd')
_ console.log(x)
would be indistinguishable from
for (const x of [1,2,3])
_ if (x % 2)
  _ console.log('odd')
  _ console.log(x)
(and no, please don't suggest repetion of whatever token you come up
with for signifying nesting level)

kind regards,
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