Optional Curly Braces in JavaScript

Ed Saleh medozs at outlook.com
Sun Nov 3 18:48:12 UTC 2019

Update to the proposal:

Since we can't make spaces in JavaScript, the best we can do is use '_' instead.
We will also git rid of ':' after statement in the old version as '_' is enough indication and it's more compatible with our current curly braces syntax.

Final result:

if (foo==2) _
bar() _

Which is the same as:
if (foo==2)
_ bar();
_ bar2();

Basically `_` would allow chaining expressions inside a statement block.

Thank you,
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> the only thing really missing (and which python has) is a builtin
> wasm-sqlite3 library (and specialized/secure file-api's to persist
> sqlite-db-blobs).

Browsers (WPWG, not this group) tried WebSQL. It failed because there
wasn't a competitive bake-off with any other implementations _besides_

If a browser vendor had used another engine, then SQLite might've won
the bake-off and now you'd have what you describe.

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