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Sun Nov 3 06:05:00 UTC 2019

> Python is so broadly used in those fields due to good library support

javascript in modern browsers has good builtin-api support for most
ux-scenarios you can think of. the only thing really missing (and which
python has) is a builtin wasm-sqlite3 library (and specialized/secure
file-api's to persist sqlite-db-blobs).

then the remaining hard ux-problems like
shopping-carts/typeahead-fts-search/million-row-datatables/etc would no
longer be hard -- and can even be implemented w/o need of a backend, making
"serverless" frontend-apps truly serverless.

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 11:52 Sanford Whiteman <
swhitemanlistens-software at figureone.com> wrote:

> > I don't see any reason why Python is widely used in math and
> > science…
> Should talk to longtime Python peeps about it, it's not just "easy" or
> they'd be using VB6!
> Let me leave this here:
>     Python has had bignum (arbitrary precision Integers) since 2008.
>     Even before that, it had Long (not just Double).
>     V8 (used as a reference for non-browser development) has had
>     BigInt since... 2018.
> — S.
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