Proposal: native XML object support.

ViliusCreator viliuskubilius416 at
Sat May 18 09:58:42 UTC 2019

XML in JS without React could totally bring usage in Node js, not only JS. For example, you could pass XML object as parameter to website from server and server would change it to right way, so XML object would be turned to HTML element.
However, in non web-development environment, it would have no usage. Since sometimes Node js is used for general-purpose and not web-development, XML would be practically useless and JSON would be used. And things such as E4X already exist.
The benefit of XML is that you can do `<a b=”c”>d <e></e></a>`(which is equivalent to
    ‘//name’: ‘a’,
    ‘//inner’: [‘d ’, {...}],
    b: ‘c’
```) and it’s more readable than JSON version of it.`

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