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Check out the old (and retracted) SIMD.js proposal that aimed to bring SIMD
support to JS and the related offshoot that attempted to cover WebAssembly
interop as well.

Also, WebAssembly has a proposal, spearheaded from that work with JS, to
try to bring SIMD support to it. The WebAssembly proposal is considerably
lower level, but has broad implementor interest.

Hardware SIMD and matrices may seem like two entirely different things, but
a large area of overlap exists between small matrix math and CPU vector
instructions. Those instruction sets were designed with coordinate, vector,
and small matrix math in mind. For instance:

- 2x2 matrix multiplication is maybe a dozen or so SSE instructions in
modern Intel x86-64 assembly.
- Scalar matrix multiplication is only a single "multiply vector by scalar"
- 2x2 discriminant is a swizzle, a multiply, clear top two lanes, and
horizontal subtract

And even with larger data sets, vector instructions can and do help.
(Consider BLAS.)

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 05:51 Ed Saleh <medozs at> wrote:

> Hello,
> Matrices are widely used today in in Computer Science, Engineering, and
> AI. I am proposing a new object type of `Matrix([ []... ])` which would
> make working with matrices easier, easily doing operations such matrices
> `multiplication` and `addition`.
> Thank you,
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