Proposal: native XML object support.

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Fun fact: React elements are plain JS objects that are nearly
JSON-compatible. The only reason why they aren't is because of the presence
of a `$$typeof: Symbol.for("react.element")` property on React elements, to
prevent people from using non-array object results of
`JSON.parse(jsonString)` directly as a child. The rationale for this is
explained in this blog post by React's creator:

I would say that we live in a JSON-centric world for APIs, SGML/XML-centric
for UIs. (I wish XHTML efforts actually stuck, to be honest. `<script
src="..." />` is one reason XML would've been better than SGML IMHO.)

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 01:47 Ed Saleh <medozs at> wrote:

> Thanks for reply. Didn't know that it existed before!
> I don't think we can say that we live in a JSON centric world when things
> like React show up and revolutionize web development. I think JSON has its
> uses and XML has its uses. UI shouldn't been ever seperated from controller
> since one can't exist without the other.
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> > let foo = <input type="button" value = "Ok"\>
> This is a retread of E4X (
> )
> so I can't imagine it would be resuscitated in a (for better or worse)
> JSON-centric
> world.
> —— Sandy
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