Re: Proposal For A New Alternative Keyword To “this” For Classes

Bergi a.d.bergi at
Sat Mar 9 15:50:40 UTC 2019

Hi John,

> I believe that it would be a trivial task for
> current static code analyzers to restrict usage of "this" for anyone
> opting in to use this new keyword exclusively.

Static tooling, like the TypeScript compiler, can detect problematic
method usage already today. Sure, having a dedicated syntax for this
will make static analysis simpler, but I don't deem that a worthy
addition to the language.

> As you mentioned, arrow functions might have their own
> problems. Wouldn't such an alternative keyword be a good addition to our
> toolkit anyway?

What I was trying to say is that your proposed alternative has exactly
the same problems as instance-member arrow functions have today.

Best regards,

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