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Alexandre Morgaut alexandre.morgaut at
Mon Mar 4 18:47:07 UTC 2019

Here a proposal to make ECMAScript natively support a Duration Object

I talked about it a long time ago (2011) on the WHATWG mailing list in the
context of the Timers API:

l think that such a proposal would better take place in the core of the
language and having worked on a framework date time APIs I tried to give
this approach a better look.

ECMAScript natively support Dates since its very first version
It started to support the ISO 8601 string format in edition 5
( Date Time String Format )

Durations like Dates can be very tricky, especially with I18n in mind, but
the ECMA standard already had to be handled most of the Duration tricky
part for the Date Object in EMCA 262 & ECMA 402.

Duration, sometimes called TimeInterval, is a common concept supported by
most languages or associated standard libs.

In very short, Duration object would:
- support the ISO syntax in its contructor: new Duration('P6W') // for
Period 6 Weeks
- allow to handle Date diff operations
- allow to be interpreted by setTimeout() & setInterval()

Please find below a draft exposing the concept
I'd be very happy if someone from TC39 would be interested to champion it


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