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Fri Jun 28 00:47:59 UTC 2019

If the intent is to find the first entry with a truthy value for the
`requestFrame` property, then the proposal is `array.find(.requestFrame)`.
If the "wildcard" syntax is used, then it would be

On Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 5:30 PM guest271314 <guest271314 at> wrote:

> How can the Selector/Select Expression be used with
> `Array.prototype.find()`? What happens when the property is not defined?
> For example using the same code for more than one browser
> ```
> const stream = [canvasStream, videoTrack].find(({requestFrame: _}) => _);
> ```
> the property `requestFrame` is either defined or not defined at
> ```canvasStream``` or ```videoTrack``` depending on the implementation.
> Although the assigned variable can be reduced to 1 character at
> destructuring assignment, there is still the redundancy of writing ```_```
> again on the right side of ```=>```.
> If the property is not found, is the result ```undefined```?

Since `.prop` is defined to be identically semantically to `o => o.prop`,
yes, the function `.prop` applied to an object with no property named
`prop` returns `undefined`.
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