Proposal: Exposing native scroll as API

Adam Eisenreich akxe at
Fri Jun 21 15:33:15 UTC 2019

If you want to have native scrolling experience for `<canvas>` you need to either implement your own scrolling behaviour, or you will create `<canvas>` of size much bigger than screen, that way it overflows screen and shows scollbars, but then you must only render on part of canvas as most is hidden. 

I would like an API I would ask: 
If this element **would be scrollable**, when scrolling would actually occur? How long would the animation take on this platform? Where the end offset would be? 
Scrolling isn't same for each platform ex.: PC, Mac, iOS, Android. 

There is video about proxx, it mentions other problems too, but they explain there how they did implement natural scrolling for `<canvas>`:

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