What do you think about a C# 6 like nameof() expression for

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const x = nameof y
const y = 1;

`x` would have the value “y”. It would not matter if `y` were initialized or had yet been reached during execution. It does not deviate from the purpose of `let` or `const`, because you are not accessing the value of the identifier.

Also consider that this is legal ECMAScript in a module:

export { y }
const y = 1;

The binding for `y` exists within the same block scope, it just has not yet been initialized. Exporting it via `export { y }`, closing over it via `() => y`, or accessing it via `nameof y` would all be the same. In all three cases you are accessing the *binding* of `y`, not the *value* of `y`. Even in the `() => y` case, you don’t access the *value* of `y` until you execute the function.

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> Sorry, I meant to say “not entirely correct”.

You have not yet confirmed if in fact the expected output is referencing a variable declared using ```const``` on the current line _before_ initialization _on the next line_.

That example appears to deviate from the purpose and usage of ```const```, beyond the scope of ```nameof```, and if were implemented, a ```ReferenceError``` should _not_ be thrown when a ```const``` variable that has yet to be initialized _on the next line_ is referred to _on the current line_?

Aside from that example, the code which essentially already implements ```nameof``` should be able to be found in the code which implements ```ReferenceError``` relevant to ```const```.

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Sorry, I meant to say “not entirely correct”.

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> At that point in the example code the identifer ```y``` does not exist.

That is not entirely incorrect. The identifier `y` exists, but its binding has not been initialized, otherwise you couldn’t refer to y in this case:

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