The world is broken, will you help me fix it?

Michael Lewis mike at
Sat Jul 27 03:31:46 UTC 2019

I mostly agree, except the "folly" part.  I was hoping to spark some
interest (to answer your question), but it appears there is no interest to
be sparked.

See below:

On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 4:04 PM Ranando King <kingmph at> wrote:

> Such grand ideals. Such folly. By the same reasoning, Linux should have
> already taken over the desktop long ago. The same concepts that prevent
> this from happening is also slowing progress toward your ideals. Too many
> chefs, not enough cooks, and no agreement on the recipe in the face of
> limited resources. Think of it like this:

Yes, I've been focusing more time on the marketing (hence, the logos).  It
will be a leadership challenge, as much as a technical one.

> * *Web OS:*
> This pretty much already exists. We call it a standards compliant web
> browser. However, compared to what you're asking for, this is more
> low-level. To bring it up to the level you want, one of the many
> authentication/authorization packages would have to become a standard part
> of the browser, but who will set that standard? Will the browser
> manufacturer comply? It's hard enough to get them all to comply with the
> current HTML spec, CSS spec, and ES spec. There are so many minor
> variations on how things work that creating a cross-browser compliant piece
> of software is tantamount to creating a valuable work of art as it is. Now
> you're asking for an Authentication spec and an Authorization spec to be
> added to the list...

Building Auth into the browser isn't immediately necessary.  In its current
state, the webOS is just a client-side View and Router.  And with a few
node endpoints, it doesn't need to be much more than that.  Building real
apps will obviously require some persistence.  That's where node/git comes

> * *Node OS:*
> Exactly how would a scripting language replace an entire operating system?
> By that logic (and I use the term "logic" loosely here), the gnu C++
> compiler should have long ago replaced Windows. The reality is that node.js
> is already a platform on which programs can be written targeting virtually
> any environment where node works. This means node is probably already about
> as close as it's going to get to being a virtual OS with the node
> executable as its command shell.

In the beginning, the nodeOS needs to be little more than a simple node
start/stop UI.  Show me what's running, and let me start/stop/configure
it.  And maybe at some point, browse the file system, execute commands,
browse npm, install/manage deps, create web apps.  I would want to make a
real IDE at this point.  Obviously, if we're going to rewrite all the
software, we're going to need a badass IDE, with the best debugging,
logging, testing, layout, versioning tools imaginable.

> * *Git OS:*
> Git? Complicated? Really? There's only 7 commands I use regularly in Git:
> clone, fetch, pull, push, commit, add, & set. Those 7 commands do
> everything I need to do with git for 95% of what I need. Since I don't need
> the other commands that often, I don't even bother to remember them, just
> that their function exists in Git. As far as making a UI is concerned,
> every major and most minor IDEs have integration plugins for Git. So there
> are already tons of UIs for Git. I haven't even begun to talk about the
> non-IDE software for the same functionality. ...And to top it all off, a UI
> for a command-line tool shouldn't be called an OS.

Git normally works, but sometimes,

End users need version control.  Some apps have a revision history (Google
Docs, WordPress).  But many apps still lose their history when you exit.

Look at how many color schemes I tried for this logo:

[image: image.png]

Git could seamlessly auto-branch behind the scenes when making changes to
permanently track everything.  End users need version control, but they
shouldn't (won't) be tasked with learning git commands.  We need a familiar
version control UI to rewind, fast-forward, branch, bookmark/tag, etc,
across all apps.  Whether it's a document, a 3D model, or text/code.
Version control is an essential part of the *operating system*, and should
exist not just as a CLI, but also as a user-friendly UI.  This UI
should be *consistent
across apps, *and the UI should be present *within the app*.  Just trying
to clarify that version control is more than a CLI.

In the beginning, the gitOS would just be a part of the nodeOS file
explorer.  Eventually it could provide an API and UI for apps in the manner
described above.

I've used GitKraken, SourceTree, and GitHub desktop.  None of them were
spectacular experiences.

The first phase of this system is stupid simple.  But by itself, it's not
enough to excite anyone.  Unfortunately, there is no creative energy.
Nobody gets excited anymore...

Reread the original email.  I mean, honestly, what more could anyone be
looking for?  It's the whole world on a silver platter.  Jesus Fucking

 Having said all of that, I've just got 1 question for you: Why are you
> posting this in ES Discuss when it has *NOTHING AT ALL* to do with
> enhancing or correcting ECMAScript/Javascript?

I'm desperately seeking help.  It's quite clear from my original email:

   - I'm drowning in debt and despair
   - I have an incredible opportunity to climb out of this hole, fix a
   broken system, improve the world, and make a fortune
   - I need help

I have no following, and this list is a particularly qualified group of
techies, the type that might understand my vision.

It's ok, I'll build a free webOS camp that doesn't take 2000 hours, but
more like 2 hours to get started.  My View class is basically like 50 lines
of code.  Windows is 50 million.  I'll train an army of designers and
developers, and we'll fucking run this shit.

> On Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 3:20 PM Michael Lewis <mike at> wrote:
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>> Date: Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 2:34 PM
>> Subject: The world is broken, will you help me fix it?
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>> Hello world,
>> I have a vision.  It is the Truth.
>> [image: image.png]
>> *The short version*: we need better design, development, data,
>> versioning, collaboration, management, and decision making tools.  If we
>> rebuild the software design and development experience from the bottom up,
>> we'll be able to create 10x better software, 10x faster, 10x cheaper.
>> *Michael Lewis*‏  (me)@mlew42 <>
>>> More
>>> @peterthiel <> just watched your chat
>>> with @EricRWeinstein <>. The world
>>> (tech (web, software, cad/cam), gov, edu) is broken. I know how to fix it,
>>> but I'm suffocating (unemployment, student debt, depression), and on many
>>> days, I'd rather kill myself than continue the struggle
>>> 10:57 AM - 26 Jul 2019
>> It's doubtful he will ever see the tweet.
>> In the "podcast," Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein make the case that *we're
>> not actually doing a good job*, despite what some would claim.  It's
>> hard to understand, because we're so hyper-competitive.  Competitively
>> incompetent.  What cannot be argued, is that *we can do better*.
>> *The Long Vision*
>> We need better *decision making software*.  Email is garbage.  We need a
>> tool to identify all options, discuss, rank, plan and execute.  Something
>> like Reddit, that results in real productivity, government decisions, and
>> allocating resources.  Plan, then build.  Design, then develop.  CAD and
>> CAM.
>> There's no single recipe for what a "decision making system" would look
>> like.  Maybe it's just a Google doc.  Maybe it looks like Reddit.  Or maybe
>> it's like WordPress, where you can install plugins?  We need a solid
>> platform (like a webOS) where it's relatively easy to build new features.
>> I could try to speak more to the absolute mess that currently exists.  Go
>> to Product Hunt, and start counting.  "Ridiculous" hardly explains it.
>> There are 700 web-based project management platforms listed on
>>  And not a single one of them is doing a great job.  Every
>> single web app in the world has to build its own user auth, database, user
>> interface, workflows, features, etc.  This is sort of like having a
>> separate DMV for every state in the USA.  Competitive incompetence.
>> *webOS*
>> Hold onto your pants:  We need to take all our software, and rebuild it
>> on a single tech stack.  Enter the *webOS*.  It's like Webflow +
>> WordPress + Wikipedia + Google + Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + YouTube +
>> Khan Academy + Windows + Android + Gmail + Reddit + ....
>> Rewriting so many sophisticated systems wouldn't be easy.  Unless you
>> realize that they're all basically the same thing:  a database of users,
>> posts, and apps.
>> The webOS has to be a hybrid of open and closed source, with advanced
>> licensing controls.  It must be monetized, so people are incentivized to
>> contribute (open source lacks this).  There needs to be clear licensing
>> terms, and advanced licensing controls, so developers can license their
>> code on a per user per month basis, for example.
>> A real Operating System builds all the critical productivity features
>> (like threaded discussions, project management, "email", version control,
>> collaboration, UI, plugins, etc) directly into the operating system itself,
>> so that it's automatically integrated throughout every app.
>> *gitOS*
>> The core of all of this, is the file system.  The data.  The meat and
>> potatoes.  Git is an incredible technology (that powers GitHub), is cross
>> platform, handles versioning, branching, merging, conflict resolution,
>> etc.  This technology should be built into every database, document,
>> design, image, email, application, film, etc.  Someday soon, *every
>> person who uses a computer will be an expert with versioning.  *But git,
>> as a command line tool, is insanely hard to use.  We need a git UI.  Let's
>> call it the *gitOS*.  This will provide an incredibly powerful feature
>> to every application built with the *webOS*.
>> *node OS*
>> Ever since I jumped ship as a WordPress developer, I've been waiting for
>> node.js to catch up.  It hasn't.  JavaScript and node.js should have
>> replaced Windows by now.  Show me a WordPress competitor built on node.js,
>> and you'll find a couple (sails, keystone, gatsby?).  There are literally a
>> million competitors in this field (SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, etc).  Why
>> can't anyone fix this problem?  Node.js is capable of so much more:*
>> nodeOS.*
>> [image: image.png]
>> Can you help me?
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