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Wed Jan 16 16:31:13 UTC 2019

> Le 16 janv. 2019 à 13:57, ViliusCreator <viliuskubilius416 at> a écrit :
> “Strongly typed” Strongly typed is not Statically typed. Python is strongly typed for example. Strongly typed language means that `”something” + 1` will throw error, Weakly typed means that `”something” + 1` will turn `1` into string and add it to `something`, which will result in `something1`.
> Statically typed language means that once you do `Boolean Abc = true`, or `let Abc: Boolean = true`, you can’t change it to number, but you can change it to `false`, or `true`.
> Did you mean Statically typed language?
> Also, I think that there can be usefulness in class templates, without language being Statically typed.

I meant ”statically typed”, yes. But I think you understood what I meant. My question was about compelling use cases in JS. We know that you think it is useful, but you should convince others that it is useful, that is to say, worth the added complexity in the language.

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