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Mon Feb 4 07:05:48 UTC 2019

The proposed `remove` here is actually in-place. And this really is
not unlike this proposal of mine [1], which is also in place.

The reason it belongs in the standard library is because you can
optimize it *way* better using vector instructions and it's among one
of the most common cases for `.filter` - how often have you done
`array.filter(x => x !== value)`? With my `Array.prototype.delete`,
you could do `array.slice().delete(value, true)` for practically the
same thing (it's 3 extra characters), just done a bit faster thanks to
not needing the overhead.

- For deleting a single value* from a dense array, you could optimize
it much like `array.indexOf` followed by `array.copyWithin` +
`array.length -= 1` if the value exists.
- For deleting multiple values* from a dense array, you'd do it
similarly, just you'd keep a separate offset that you'd increment on
each hit, subtracting that for the stores.
- In each case, your search would be a mix of SIMD with horizontal
reductions, things most modern processors make easy.

* With a few exceptions, of course. Doubles in V8 and 32-bit
SpiderMonkey are one of them, since they are boxed and compared by
their contents. Multi-character strings are another big exception.

The reason I called mine `delete` instead of `remove` is to align with
`Set.prototype.delete` and `Map.prototype.delete`, which operate



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On Mon, Feb 4, 2019 at 1:40 AM Jordan Harband <ljharb at> wrote:
> Why "remove" and not `.filter`, to produce a new array?
> On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 9:56 PM #!/JoePea <joe at> wrote:
>> I sometimes find myself doing things like
>> ```js
>> this.children.splice(this.children.indexOf(child), 1)
>> ```
>> but it seems that it will iterate the array twice. Maybe a new method can be introduced so engines can optimize it:
>> ```js
>> this.children.remove(child)
>> // or
>> this.children.remove(...childrenToRemove)
>> ```
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