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Subject: globalThis.assertOrThrow

having a universal assert function (similar to nodejs' assert builtin) might be useful.  it could be name "assertOrThrow" for web-compat.

this would simplify writing common-case "throwaway" error-handling behavior in both browsers and nodejs:

// naive polyfill
globalThis.assertOrThrow = globalThis.assertOrThrow || function (passed, message) {
 * this function will throw error <message> if <passed> is falsy
    if (passed) {
    throw (
        typeof message === "object" && message
        ? message
        : new Error(message)

localforage.setItem("foo", "bar", function (err, data) {
    // validate no err occurred
    // this one-line statement makes writing test-coverage less tedious
    assertOrThrow(!err, err);


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