Proposal: Static Typing

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Sat Apr 6 05:25:58 UTC 2019

Similar but not the same. Within any given scope, a Type declared within
that scope would need to be "set-in-stone" to be of any value. Furthermore,
for a variable to honor that type, it must be able to carry around an
unmodified reference to the tyoe as it existed at the time the variable was
declared. If either one of these two conditions is not met, then the type
system cannot claim to be static. It would be more of an "advisory" dynamic
type system, where the specified type gives the engine a hint on what kind
of data will be stored in a given variable.

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> Similar concepts is not being able to re-declare a variable in any scope,
> or a "Scope Controller"
> - Why does .then() chained to Promise.resolve() allow const declaration
> to be reassigned?
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