Proposal: Static Typing

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Fri Apr 5 23:18:45 UTC 2019

Yes, the `[[PromiseValue]]` could theoretically be changed, given adequate
effort.  Is it impossible to get the [[PromiseValue]] from a Promise object
without using the Promise object's then method? [duplicate] The example of using
`Object.freeze()` could also be extended to the value passed to

Using `Object.freeze()` and/or `WeakMap` might be useful for the use cases
described. rustwasm is an active
repository for "Facilitating high-level interactions between wasm modules
and JavaScript" and have several issues addressing types re wasm and
JavaScript, which might be helpful for specific and general issues

Determining if a value is an Object is a task in itself
How to filter Object using Array.prototype.filter?;
Why is there not a built-in method in JavaScript to check if an object is a
plain object?, and even if this
proposal were implemented would/could it stop `Object = 1;
Object.entries([]) // Uncaught TypeError: Object.entries is not a function`?
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