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Sun Oct 28 22:03:10 UTC 2018

I mentioned something similar to this before, but wanted to update with
some more thoughts on why it could be useful...  In my specific case, I
have the following scenario...

I have a "base" script that loads build values into window.__BASE__, the
application in question is deployed on multiple clients, so strings and
other configuration values are different.  The configuration project is
built separately and the correct configuration is built with CI/CD.  There
are other configuration options that are loaded via the API that are client
configurable.  I know it's a bit different of a use case, but it can't be
*that* unique.  I also understand that it's a minefield of mutation, but
it's pretty centrally controlled early, and simplifies a *LOT* of the rest
of the application.

For example, I currently have the following in my "base.js" reference
inside my project...

// ------- BEGIN JS
const base = window.__BASE__ || {}; // config from release

export const environment = base.environment || 'internal.dev';
export const api = base.api || 'https://api.app.dev-domain';
// ... other constants exported from base with defaults ....

// value loaded from API before the SPA UI takes over from a spinner
export let petitionOptions = null;
export const setPetitionOptions = options => {
// client manipulation/integration here
petitionOptions = options;
// ------- END JS

It would be nice imho if I could do the following...

// ------- BEGIN JS
let _petitionOptions;
export { // no identification here, nested in object
get petitionOptions() {...},
set petitionOptions(value) {...}

// alternately
export get petitionOptions() {...}
export set petitionOptions(value) {...}
// ------- END JS

Even more, would be the ability to do other exports via export { name:value
} in an object.  While the former method does work, I just think having a
getter/setter interface would be an interesting flexibility...  Not sure
how difficult a change it would be to making import variables assignable
and allowing the set transparently.


Michael J. Ryan
me at tracker1.info
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