Expectations around line ending behavior for U+2028 and U+2029

Carsten Bormann cabo at tzi.org
Thu Oct 25 18:42:59 UTC 2018

On Oct 25, 2018, at 18:24, Logan Smyth <loganfsmyth at gmail.com> wrote:
> 3. Diverge the definition of current source-code line from the current LineTerminatorSequence lexical grammar such that source line number is always /\r?\n/, which is what the user is realistically going to see in their editor

This.  U+2028/U+2029 is widely recognized as a mistake (and not only because of the discrepancy with JSON it created). 

While this mistake probably cannot be repaired easily in existing parts of the specification, you can make sure that the problem does not infect new parts.  (This may lead to the people who are actually using 2028/2029 to take some damage, but that is entirely OK as long as their precious existing scripts don’t break.)

Grüße, Carsten

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