JSON.parse should be simple and idiot-proof

kai zhu kaizhu256 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 06:01:01 UTC 2018

wish to express skepticism for the stage-1 proposal "JSON.parse source text access" [1], from web-integration perspective.

a common javascript-painpoint is pinpointing bug-source of end-to-end client<->server communications.  thankfully, JSON.parse is rarely suspect in this process.  this proposal however, encourage developers to introduce bugs/doubts-of-reliability to JSON.parse, making integration bug-hunting more painful than it already is.

standard-operating-procedure for reviving JSON-data is a 2-step process:
1. JSON.parse with zero-config to rule-out bugs during this step
2. second-pass of plain-JSON to revive [product-specific] string-encoded non-JSON datatypes like BigInt/Date/RegExp, where bugs can be expected

you normally do not want to complicate bug-hunts by contaminating step-1 with bugs from step-2.

[1] stage-1 proposal - JSON.parse source text access

kai zhu
kaizhu256 at gmail.com

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