Has there ever been discussion around a python-like "with" syntax?

Dan Aprahamian dan.aprahamian at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 18:40:28 UTC 2018

Hello all! First time posting here. I was curious if there was ever talk
about adding something similar to python's with syntax to JS. Obviously we
already have a "with" keyword, but I figure we could probably use "use" as
the keyword instead. I was thinking something like

// Some user defined resource that can be "entered" and "exited"
class MyResource {
  // Function called when entered
  async [Symbol.enter]() {

  // Function called when exited
  [Symbol.exit]() {

const resource = new MyResource();

async function useResource() {
  use myResource {
    // Inside here, resource has had "acquire" called on it

    await doSomethingAsync();
    // Once this block is finished executing (including async)
    // release is called
  // Release has been called now

Use would effectively be the equivalent of:

async function use(resource, body) {
  await resource[Symbol.enter]();
  try {
    await body();
  } finally {
    await resource[Symbol.exit]();

Has something like this been considered before?

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