The "gathering developer feedback" utopia.

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Wed Oct 10 14:05:17 UTC 2018

+1  Ideas should be judged on their merit.

-Terence Bandoian

On 10/10/2018 5:12 AM, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> Daniel Ehrenberg wrote [1] the following:
> > I'd recommend starting with making a library which does this, and 
> gathering broad developer feedback, before proposing for standardization.
> it was a genuine extra answer to the question:
> > do you think [for] this [proposal] is worth going through the process?
> Now here the issue: if you don't have thousand twitter followers and 
> you don't work for Google, Microsoft or Facebook, the "gathering 
> broader feedback" is just a wall that every developer with a good idea 
> but not an easy way to reach some broader feedback will hit.
> I have libraries that got few stars on GitHub, I haven't actively 
> promoted them, but are downloaded 13 million times per month on npm, 
> yet nobody cares, and most don't even know such library exists.
> I have other ideas never seen before that will never see the "standard 
> light" because either people after me overlapped with their version of 
> my idea but are closer to standard bodies (working for Google, as 
> example) or I have consistent lower reach than united groups (googles 
> re-tweeting googlers stuff or similar).
> Bear in mind I'm not necessarily pointing fingers to anyone, and I 
> believe it's normal that most followed companies with they devrel 
> people and their team would promote their ideas as a united group, but 
> telling people proposing new standards that these will hardly be 
> considered until there is broader community interest seems elitist for 
> no reasons and an unnecessary, or unbreakable wall, for newcomers.
> As summary, I don't even like that specific Array#pluck proposal, but 
> it would be great if this ML could be open to everyone, not just those 
> with stars on GitHub and many followers.
> I know Daniel wrote that in good faith, but having an official 
> statement written somewhere about this might be less discouraging for 
> newcomers.
> Best Regards.
> [1]

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