strawman proposal for base4 and base 32 integer literals

kdex kdex at
Mon Oct 8 07:34:16 UTC 2018

Sorry, but I highly doubt that it's worth reserving syntax for two bases for 
which even the author suggests their lesser usefulness.

This is best kept in user-space. Base-4 numbers should already be covered by 
this[1] proposal.

As for base 32, Carsten has already pointed out the problem of non-unique 
encodings (and this is true for every radix greater than 10).

If (your specific encoding of) base-32 literals were to be implemented in 
user-space, I think we could get away with extensible string literals, i.e. 
something akin to:

const base32 = string => { /* …  */ };
console.log("10"_base32); // logs 32


On Monday, October 8, 2018 2:51:04 AM CEST Shaun Moss wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm new to the list so please forgive me if I breach etiquette.
> I have drafted a proposal for addition to the ES spec:
> If anyone has a few spare minutes, I'd be grateful if you could please give
> it a quick look over. I'd really appreciate any feedback on how to improve
> or advance it. I haven't looked into implementation details yet but I will
> soon.
> Thank you
> Shaun
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