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On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 4:42 AM Lars Hansen
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> In a browser, postMessage send and receive was always intended to
> create a synchronization edge in the same way a write-read pair is.
> Not sure where this prose ended up when the spec was transfered to
> the es262 document.


Looks like it's at least partially here:

So, a question (well, two questions) just for those of us not deeply versed
in the terminology of the Memory Model section. Given:

1. Thread A sends a 1k shared block to Thread B via `postMessage`
2. Thread B writes to various locations in that block directly (not via
3. Thread B does a `postMessage` to Thread A (without referencing the block
in the `postMessage`)
4. Thread A receives the message and reads data from the block (not via
`Atomics.load`) I correct that in Step 4 it's guaranteed that thread A **will**
reliably see the writes to that block by Thread B from Step 2, because the
`postMessage` was a "synchronization edge" ensuring (amongst other things)
that CPU L1d caches are up-to-date, etc.?

Similarly, if (!) I'm reading it correctly, in your Mandlebrot example, you
have an `Atomics.wait` on a single location in a shared block, and when the
thread wakes up it seems to assume other data in the block (not in the
`wait` range) can reliably be read directly. That's also a "synchronization

Thank you again, I appreciate your taking the time.

-- T.J. Crowder
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