Big integer, Big float, and operator overloading ideas

Fabrice Bellard fabrice at
Tue Mar 27 12:30:14 UTC 2018

On 03/21/2018 11:15 AM, David Teller wrote:
> That proposal is quite interesting, but I'm a bit scared about potential
> for breakage. Maybe Integer/Float values should be introduced only in
> your "use math" mode? Would that be sufficient?

Yes, if 100% compatibility was needed it could be possible to support 
the Integer/Float values in a specific mode such as "use bignum" or "use 
math" (the current "use math" mode goes a bit further because it changes 
the behavior of some Javascript operators such as "^" (power instead of 
xor), "/" (fraction result if both operands are integers), "%" 
(Euclidian remainder)).

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