[Proposal] New syntax for lazy getters

Augusto Moura augusto.borgesm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 06:24:46 UTC 2018

*An errata in my code*
The getter is mutating the object with a enumerable property, so
consecutives invocations of JSON.stringify will result different from
the first call (if the property is yet not initialized). The current
problem is:
JSON.stringify(foo) // Returns "{"bar":3}"
// After the first bar "get" the object has now another property "_bar"
JSON.stringify(foo) // Returns "{"bar":3,"_bar":3}"
I did it as a quick loose scratch and didn't test it. A more robust
implementation (with a helper function) probably would use closures to
maintain the factory state. As exemplified:
const defineLazyProp = (obj, propName, valueFactory) => {
  let selfDestroyingFactory = () => {
    const value = valueFactory();
    selfDestroyingFactory = () => value;
    return value;

  return Object.defineProperty(obj, propName, {
    enumerable: true,
    configurable: false, // It might be discussed if the lazy prop
should be configurable or not
    get() {
      return selfDestroyingFactory();

const foo = {};

defineLazyProp(foo, 'bar', () => 3);

// This should work correctly now
It's a bit more verbose, but it's the best way I can think of
"ponyfilling" it at the moment.

On June 28, 02:45, Isiah Meadows <isiahmeadows at gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree the main proposal is long and complex, but this kind of addition could be designed with little effort to "fall out of the grid", since it has so much in common with classes already (properties, getters/setters, methods). The main question is with properties, but those are easy to just leave out, since function calls do just as well.

You are right, but yet I prefer to get the classes decorators
advancing to a greater stage as soon as possible, a objet literal
decorator would be a easy extension to the current proposal. By the
way, I was comparing with the 2 others proposals by the fact that they
are more like "extensions" to the main proposal, not by the complexity
(as far as I know, mix the 3 decorators proposals in one would stall
most of the work), but yeah they really are different beasts.

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