How many ES5 environments are still in use today?

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Hardware makers should consider that < 256 MB (and I’m conservative) of RAM are nothing nowadays. And for ROM/Flash memory where code resides, <= 1 MB is really but really nothing and that’s a joke, and worst if you are using a >= 64 bits CPU.


Just my 2 cents.


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WRT Duktape, I'm not exactly seeing broad ES6 support (ES7+ isn't much better):


There's a few others with very bad ES6+ support that are still in broad use:


- Getting older businesses and organizations (like colleges) to transition away from IE is still a giant work in progress - Windows 7 and 8 (still supported) don't have Edge to shove it in their face, and many IT departments have their hands tied with bureaucracy.

- Nashorn has only modest support for ES6, but it targets an audience that doesn't use JS for anything heavy. (To be quite honest, giving them ES6 might *encourage* them to write worse code.)



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At JSConfEU they gave all participants a neonious:


it has ES6 and it runs on similar ESP32 HW the Espruino runs too.


I don't think there's any particular issue in bringing ES6 there, but maybe not the whole thing works.


duktape also seems there with most features:


Accordingly, I don't understand why anyone would be stuck at ES5 these days.


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There's also JerryScript, which given their target platform, there's *no* way they're going to be able to reliably implement much of ES6. They target platforms like microcontrollers with less than 100KB of RAM and only a few hundred in flash memory. One of their automated test devices really pushes against it with its 192KB memory and 1MB flash memory. [2] (Their Raspberry Pi is like a supercomputer compared to the other two.)


Also, BTW, Rhino is at least *attempting* to implement some ES6+ features. [3] [4]








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Nobody's mentioned this yet, but Rhino is still in use in Google Apps Script, which means anything related to G suite and scripting (e.g. google sheets macros, google forms scripts) is also stuck at es3-5.

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