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> Thanks
> *How can we discuss your idea separately from the library?*
> I’m more thinking at the runtime level than at the “user land”. To be
> honest, I don’t care of “safeEval” on “user land”.

You seem to be asking for criticism, but seem to not want criticism of the
only thing that has enough detail for criticism.

> *You talk about options and ACLs but the only hint as to what those might
> mean is the library*
> *How would the idea work if not by tree filtering?  AdSAFE did that but
> writing AdSAFE was very different from writing vanilla JS.*
> Yeah, sorry. The purpose is to offer something like “opcode” filtering,
> but in a more expressive and user-friendly way.

EcmaScript is specified as a tree interpreter that produces completion
records, not in terms of an ISA.
The spec does not define opcodes, and you've provided no reason to believe
that opcode filtering would provide a better balance between security and
ease of writing than AST filtering.

Having written a JS sandbox, I'm skeptical that either approach would work.
All successful approaches have combined static analysis with at least 2 of
1. large dedicated runtime libraries,
2. source code rewriting, and
3. separation/isolation via realm/origin/worker.
Any pair of these are going to require detailed correctness arguments to
pass muster.

I don't see how we could compare the benefits of your proposal to any other
without a lot more detail.
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