Proposal static type constraints features

YU HengChun achun.shx at
Mon Jun 4 05:01:08 UTC 2018

Strictly speaking, the behavior is different.

However, can you provide me with a real, conflicting example?

Or you give me an example, I write a version of the proposal, you can test whether it is really harmful.

If it is finally proved that the semantics are different, but it is indeed harmless, it is normal to add new semantics.

In fact ECMAScript has been enriching semantics.

严格意义上讲, 这个提案的确产生了不同的语义行为.

但是, 你能举一个真实的例子来说明这个提案会产生为哈么?

或者, 你给我一个例子, 我用提案的写法写一个版本, 你可以测试下是否真的有危害.

如果最终证明虽然语义不同, 但的确是无危害性的, 那么添加新的语义是很正常的.

事实上 ECMAScript 就是在不断的丰富语义啊.

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