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T.J. Crowder tj.crowder at farsightsoftware.com
Thu Jul 26 07:14:29 UTC 2018

On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 10:45 PM, Mikkel Davis
<mikkeld at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've seen proposals for syntax additions that give functionality
> similar to lodash's "pick" utility. But I think it may be more
> appropriate to add it as an Object utility in the same vein of

What I don't like about it being a utility function is the need to create
an array of property names or similar. Syntax has its own issues, but I
like Bob's proposal: https://github.com/rtm/js-pick-notation

> The only other concise way to do this I can think of, using latest ES is
> `(({first, age}) => ({first, age}))(person)`, which is quite undesirable,
> for a variety of reasons.

Just FWIW, you can avoid the function there, at the expense of a couple
more in-scope identifiers:

const {first, age} = person, result = {first, age};

or to avoid those stray identifiers:

let result;
    const {first, age} = person;
    result = {first, age};

If/when `do` expressions:

const result = do {
    const {first, age} = person;
    ({first, age});

None of which is pretty either. :-)

-- T.J. Crowder
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