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Wed Jul 25 07:22:53 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 8:38 PM, Ranando King
<kingmph at> wrote:
> I've written up a new draft proposal based on my own work with ES5 & ES6
> compatible classes with fields. That can be found
> [here]( I'm already
> of the class-members proposal, but I think it breaks far to many things...

That's quite vague.

Am I misunderstanding your intent here? It seems like you're proposing
dropping the existing Stage 3 proposals ([1][1], [2][2]) in favor of this
new proposal. Those proposals are the result of years of work and
collaboration. It seems like any issues you have with them would be better
addressed by raising issues on those proposals and engaging with the people
working on them, rather than suggesting just throwing them out entirely and
replacing them with something new and different. But perhaps I'm
misunderstanding your intent?

-- T.J. Crowder

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