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Please refrain from jokes about domestic violence. It distracted from the
rest of your email, which I decided not to read.


Le mar. 24 juill. 2018 11 h 09, Carsten Bormann <cabo at> a écrit :

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> wrote:
> >
> > JSON isn’t really a topic for tc39 only but since the IETF consider JSON
> "done", an open question is where possible future developments should take
> place,
> What is the best place where I should beat my wife?
> No, that is not the question.
> > including dealing with new data types like BigInt.
> That, indeed, is a question for JavaScript.  It has nothing to do with
> “developing” JSON; JSON can already represent BigInt just fine.
> > Personally I think the JSON WG should be rebooted but apparently I’m
> rather alone with that idea.
> Indeed.
> Frankly, JSON, together with the JavaScript-induced limitations in its
> ecosystem as documented in RFC 7493, is not a very brilliant data
> interchange format.  It is popular because it is extremely simple (at least
> on the surface), it is already familiar to users of most dynamic
> programming languages, and it hasn’t changed since 2002.  “Changing” JSON
> simply means no longer having JSON.
> (And there are quite a few much better data interchange formats; maybe
> JavaScript can start to support some of them out of the box.)
> > Obvious extensions include comments and dropping the "" requirement on
> keys that are JS compliant.
> *Shudder*.   These are *not* needed for data interchange.  For
> configuration files and other data input by humans, DO NOT USE JSON.  If
> you need YAML(*) (which also has been fully stable for more than a decade,
> by the way), you know where to find it.  YAML also *is* the extended JSON
> that so many people are wishing for.
> Grüße, Carsten
> (*) and of course YAML supports graphs, binary (byte string) data,
> human-friendly input, etc.  It is approximately what any other effort to
> “humanize” JSON and fill in its shortcomings will arrive at eventually,
> just with some microdecisions you and I may not like but that are not
> relevant in the big picture.
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