proposal: Object Members

Michael Theriot michael.lee.theriot at
Tue Jul 24 07:00:05 UTC 2018

> Extend builtins, in particular - ie, `super()` allows your subclass to
> obtain internal slots it can't otherwise get.
> Even if `class` were just sugar, I don't think I see the argument that
> that's a *good* thing to preserve.

`Reflect.construct` allows subclasses to obtain internal slots without
`super()` / class syntax.

const SubDate = function (...args) {
  const instance = Reflect.construct(Date, args, SubDate);
  return instance;

Object.setPrototypeOf(SubDate.prototype, Date.prototype);

const sub = new SubDate();
sub.getDate(); // has internal slots, does not throw
sub instanceof SubDate; // true
sub instanceof Date; // true

This is the first I have heard `class` is anything but sugar.
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