proposal: Object Members

Ranando King kingmph at
Mon Jul 23 19:38:44 UTC 2018

I've written up a new draft proposal based on my own work with ES5 & ES6
compatible classes with fields. That can be found [here]( I'm already aware of
the class-members proposal, but I think it breaks far to many things and
doesn't do anything to maintain the notion that "`class` is just syntactic

This proposal is specifically based on the code [here]( I've also got a []( that shows the
same code running.

The idea behind the proposal is that instead of injecting a lot of new
logic into how `class` works, let's allow `class` to remain syntactic
sugar, and put that extra ability into object declarations instead. Then
simply allow `class` to do the same with it's own prototypes.
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