Proposal: Alternative public, private, static syntax and questions

Naveen Chawla naveen.chwl at
Mon Jan 15 04:35:14 UTC 2018

Definitely TypeScript's system is better than the proposal. I often
publicize private variables and privatize public variables (In other
languages). The # scheme increases the effort to do so and increases the
chances of bugs being introduced in doing so. This is why I oppose the #

I also don't accept the premises given in the justification, based on the
very fact that changing the access status of a variable would make it clash
with another variable, if this.x and this.#x were both allowed: I don't
accept therefore that allowing this would be desirable let alone necessary.

On Mon, 15 Jan 2018, 6:07 am Brandon Andrews, <warcraftthreeft at>

> Is this closer to what you think would be acceptable? Essentially
> C++/TypeScript kind of modifiers. Or does that still have issues?
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