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> > Wasn't JavaScript originally designed for use in the Netscape
> > browser?  Maybe it's more correct to say that it was originally
> > designed for use in web browsers but has been and is being
> > adapted for other purposes.
> The initial version was done in those 10 fateful days in May 1995 (the
> rush was to stave off competing proposals). Shipped in Netscape Navigator
> in September 1995, and in Netscape Enterprise Server in December (for
> server-side scripting). So for three months in 1995, JavaScript was in the
> wild as a browser-only language; only Brendan Eich or others there at the
> time can say what the plan for it was.
> Regardless how you want to read that, origins more than 22 years ago don't
> inform what to use modern JavaScript for in 2018, nor how the language
> should move forward from here.

In the hopes that quoting relevant docs can help refocus, the TC39 charter
<> says

Standardization of the general purpose, cross platform, vendor-neutral
programming language ECMAScript. ...

Contrast that with the webapps working group charter which does make
explicit mention of clients and the web:
The scope of the Web Applications Working Group covers the technologies
related to developing
client-side applications on the Web, ...

Any discussions about changing the TC39 charter would probably have to
involve the larger ECMA organization
so it seems off topic to discuss them in a thread devoted to a specific
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