Suggestion: Destructuring object initializer.

Bob Myers rtm at
Sat Feb 10 08:05:58 UTC 2018

>  write a Babel plugin

As far as I know, the plugin architecture to Babylon, Babel's parser, is
not open, and the parser cannot be extended.
What is open to regular people is the ability to write Babel plugins to
analyze or transform the AST.
The only alternative for new syntax at the moment would be to fork Babylon.
Let me know if you know something I don't.


> Note that Babylon has not yet opened this API to external plugins,
although may do so in the future.


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Andy Earnshaw <andyearnshaw at>

> Bob, I think it's an interesting idea too, but you can't strong-arm people
> into getting excited about what you're asking for.  If it really is that
> important to you then put together a solid proposal, write a Babel plugin
> and then try to find a champion for it.
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